The Belief Code

  We are thrilled you found us and  would love to work with you… and offer discounted Belief Code sessions!   The Belief Code is a sophisticated mapping system created by Dr Brad’s team to effectively identify and remove faulty belief systems that are rooted from the past into the subconscious mind.   Using the Belief Code and Body code everything contained or associated with  the faulty belief system will be identified and released.   If the subconscious mind needs a positive replacement statement(s) they will be identified and installed.
Our conscious beliefs are things that we want to believe and have control over. However, sometimes our subconscious beliefs don’t align with those desired thoughts. For example, we might be working on valuing ourselves more. Every day, we might look in the mirror and say “I am worthy.” That’s what we want to believe. However, when we look deep inside ourselves we might find that it’s hard to accept this idea because we have a deep-rooted negative belief about ourselves. Even if we repeat positive affirmations, speak kindly to ourselves, and take care of ourselves, these subconscious negative beliefs can make it extremely challenging to see ourselves in a positive light. The Belief Code offers us a way to uproot these subconscious beliefs, freeing us from incongruous belief patterns, and allowing us to see things as they really are! 

A belief is a subjective view held by the subconscious mind that something is true or false, right or wrong, and is the filter through which life is viewed and experienced. Beliefs represent a global and absolute truth created by self-conclusion and/or through suggestion.

Belief systems may be made of negative programs, limiting beliefs, faulty core beliefs, broadcast messages, images, trapped emotions, and more. By using muscle testing, you can ask the subconscious mind yes or no questions to determine what may be holding you back from aligning with your highest self or achieving your goals.

What is the difference between T3 Therapy and The Belief Code?

T3 therapy was founded by Gwen Legler and Leilani Alexander, two students of Dr. Bradley Nelson. While using the Emotion Code and the Body Code, they recognized that faulty beliefs and belief systems had a profound effect on a person’s well-being. Because of this, they developed a method to address those beliefs. A close relationship with T3 has been maintained throughout the years, and T3 was recognized and given a place within the Body Code. 

In 2019 the rights to T3 were purchased by Discover Healing with the intent to teach the principles to our practitioners and empower them to address faulty beliefs and belief systems. 

The Belief Code is not just a renaming of T3 therapy, but an entirely new method. However, the underlying principles remain the same. A core tenet of T3 therapy was the sole use of intuition to find and identify negative beliefs. This required a high level of skill and longer session times to perform a proper belief system session.