About Peg

Peg Sutherland
Hello, I’m Peg and I’m not only a survivor, I am a victor.

The chain of abuse was a scourge on my family tree for generations, and I knew that I was in danger from the first day I entered into this life. My earliest memories are not of birthday parties or playing with pets or snuggling with a loving mom and dad. I remember feeling terrified and alone, with no one to turn to for help. The abuse I endured led to feelings of deep shame and worthlessness for many years.

No child should ever be made to experience such a scary and heartbreaking life, but I am here to tell you that there is hope. If you’re not really sure that healing is possible, I’ll show you how, just keep reading.

As a young child, I battled crippling anxiety, especially at school. I was targeted and bullied by my classmates. The kids who should have been my friends abandoned me for no good reason and I didn’t understand why. The moments when I did feel safe were so rare that I didn’t even know how to process what I was feeling. I gained weight. I realize now that I was only putting on “armor” to protect myself, but that just made my situation worse, as you can imagine. As I grew into adolescence, my inner feelings of worthlessness became so powerful that I developed anorexia. This was my only way to control what was going on in my world.

I had no support system. There was no one I could trust. I expected that others would take advantage of me, because they so often had in the past, and they continued to do so, again and again. My perception of myself as a person, and especially as a female was that I had absolutely zero value. Feeling this way about myself caused me to want to be invisible. Being seen or noticed did not bring the usual feelings of respect or appreciation that most people have, but were frightening to me. When someone noticed me, I thought that abuse and emotional trauma would soon follow.

The idea of embracing my divine nature and experiencing inner joy was completely foreign.

I even dropped out of college because I believed I was wasting my father’s money. Several relationships came and went. It felt pretty hopeless because I didn’t know how to feel love in myself or for others. I realize now that most of my life choices were guided by an inner voice that ran like a broken record, saying, “You are worthless. You are worthless…” over and over. How could I love myself or anyone that way?

I may have still been going on this self-destructive, miserable path, but one day, everything changed. At age 51, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Of course, I was terrified. I realized that I wasn’t ready to give up on life, and I still had something to give to the world. I knew I had to fight, but not in the same way I’d been battling through life for 51 years. I looked at the implications of my illness, and realized that the lump in my left breast was directly over my heart – my poor heart that had taken such a beating. I’d heard that diseases like cancer are often a manifestation of something emotional or mental, and not simply physical. Intuitively, I felt that this was true, and this began my search for true healing.

I stumbled upon a spiritually oriented healer in Canada, and it was through this blessed soul that I learned about The Emotion Code. At first, I thought it was impossible that healing could be so simple. Then I experienced the release of a trapped emotion and suddenly, my sense of relief was so strong that it was almost overwhelming. The dark, heavy feeling of worthlessness that I had been dragging around for so long… was gone. I could hardly contain my excitement!

I began to understand that the cancer was my body’s way of giving me information.

HeartWallI had a lot of harmful trapped emotions and a lot of negative beliefs that were making me sick— after all, I’d been gathering them for 51 years! As I started to peel back the layers, I felt better and better. I started to actually accept myself and even like myself! My body felt cleaner, more energized and just more alive. The good feelings I was now experiencing were coming from both within me and also from others who loved me. This was a new feeling! I realized how different my perspective was now and I knew that I wanted to keep going. All the emotional garbage that I’d been holding onto had been distorting my view, causing misery, numbing me out, and keeping me emotionally isolated.

As my feelings and beliefs about myself changed, my body changed, too. I was getting well! My life really was worth living! I learned so much through my recovery. I not only learned how important our feelings, thoughts and beliefs are to our health but how significantly they can impact us. They color each day that we live, through the way that we perceive ourselves, our relationships, and our pursuits. They impact our bodies, imprinting their message upon us. I am so glad my message changed so that my body could heal!

Since this first experience I have had many healing sessions using The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and T3 Therapy which enabled me to uncover the specific root causes of my disease and my unhappiness. The Emotion Code is all about finding and releasing the emotional baggage that can make us unhappy and can cause pain and illness. The Body Code goes deeper and helps find other imbalances that lead to malfunction and disease. And T3 sessions brought about tremendous breakthroughs for me, as I learned that subconscious messaging was controlling my health, happiness and direction in life. I am like a different person now, free to choose the best that life has to offer. I wake up in the morning grateful and excited about the day before me and expect good things to happen!

I discovered my purpose as a healer through this journey of healing my body and soul.

Body Code CertificateThis energy work has completely changed my life and healed me from the “inside out”. I have since become certified in The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Three Dimensional Therapy because of how significantly they have impacted my life and have created such a miracle. It’s all about discovering the subconscious underpinnings of the problems that are manifesting as terrible, unwanted issues and sickness. It is so powerful!

Do you want to experience the transformative effect of this healing work for your life?

No matter what your issues are, these methods seem to have the potential to track down the root causes of the problems you are experiencing. For me it was the false beliefs and trapped emotional energies that originated from the abuse I experienced. For you it will be whatever imbalanced you from past events and experiences, causing your spirit and body to take a downward turn. The good news is, you can turn it around. I can help you to uncover the causes and root them out to find balance and healing again. These methods make sense. What’s amazing is that they provide lasting relief!

There is no reason to suffer any longer.

If you already know that this is just what you have been looking for, and you are ready to schedule a healing session right now, that’s wonderful! I would love to help you to discover that healing is possible for you, too. I have a menu of my services listed for you to choose from. Select the time that suits you best and let’s get started!

Many Blessings,

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